About Mawule's Jewelry

Mawule's African Jewelry proudly designs and hand makes original jewelry inspired by the traditions of Togo, West Africa. Our Jewelry is made from quality materials. Each item is created with our customer in mind and attention to detail. Mawule's is a family ran business located in Philadelphia and strives to provide quality African jewelry without the long plane ride. 

Our Story

Massan's three children were the driving force behind her business helped her grow the business throughout their lives. As a new mom, Massan experienced difficulties finding appropriate childcare for her young child. She recalls one incident when she arrived to the babysitter to find her child crying and appeared to have been neglected for a well. After that experience, Massan decided to be a stay at home mother and decided to make and sell jewelry and start Mawule's African Jewelry. Mawule's African Jewelry has been in business since 1991 and continues to create premium and custom jewelry for people in the Philadelphia area and beyond.


About our founder....

Massan is originally from the West African nation of Togo. She is a mother, educator, and creator. Born the youngest of three girls, Massan was always an entrepreneur. At a young age, Massan sold various items to help her mother cover her school fees. In 1980, Massan traveled to the United States and brought the fashion and artsy of her native nation to her new home. She studied at the NewYork Fashion Institute and learned to infuse traditional African design with western techniques. In 1991, Massan opened Mawule's African Jewelry, named after her oldest daughter, in Philadelphia. Today, Massan designs and creates jewelry with semi-precious stones and premium metals.

About Our Team....

Jovi - Media Manager

Jovi is a true creative at heart. He owns his own media company, but his top customer, biggest supporter and mother is Massan. On his free time, you can find him with a pencil or paintbrush in his hand. 

Mawule - Administrative Assistant 

Mawule is a school psychologist in the day and assistant to the founder at night. The love for jewelry is a family affair and Mawule enjoys wearing many of Massan's creations. When she is not playing with children at work or following Massan's directions she is cooking or discussing educational reform.